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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hihi...its amanda here again...lol

anw, exams are over for most of us..for those havin paper tmrw..gd luck..and aft tat, its no more of exams stress le..HURRAY! lols..hmm..guess we will be superb busy wif sj stuff soon..i so miss training..haha..umm..2 of our dear squady bday jus pass..although its 1/2 days late to say now..again, HAPPY Bday!jon and shar..hope ur papers on ur bday cn score well..haha..tmrw got meetin..so cya guys tmrw..byes~

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

hey guys..amanda here again lols..

now is the final run le..must jy and all must do well for FYE k?
aft exams we'll be busy wif sj stuff le bahs..haha
anw, best of lucks for fye and hope all of us pass wif flyin colours..XD

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

hey peeps..saturday is AFA le wor..must read up first aid manual if ur got the time k?
all must pass together k? jiayous wor..

amanda here..xD

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

hmm..tis blog has been dead for a long time..dust are accumluating here, so here i am to wipe put the dust..
guess we are all veri busy bah or we all too lazy to come here and post..haha..anw, i edited the blogskin as well, hope ur will like it.

we are finally ncos le, all must jy and do well in ur jobs k? must let sj get bac gold..jyjy

so here are our posts:

OIC: JiaSheng
AOIC: Sharmine
Admin head: Rhonda
Admin deputy: Pui Yee
Finance: Soon Kong
Logistic head: Nabil
Logistic Deputy: Eileen
Public Duty Head: Jon Hon
Public Duty Deputy: Amanda
Publication Head: Eileen
Publication deputy: Nabil
Welfare Head: Soon Kong
Welfare deputy: Hui Lin & Kwan Hua
Recreational Head: Jacelyn
Recreational deputy: Rhonda


Sec 1'10:
Jon Hon

Sec 2 '10:
Jia Sheng

Sec 3'10:

lets all work hard and strive forward to let SJ go to a higher level....
Onward! Guilty Gang

amanda jus left her footprints..buhbye, love ur..

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

jacelyn the ass is here..!
exam is considered over bah..
time to get our ass off and win ourselves in FAC..!
get our ass off and show OUR G.U.L.I.T.Y. ASS out to every1,
let them see hu are we..
what we are make of..~ ((:


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

amanda here and i've been readin some people blog and frankly speakin, im realli veri sad and its heart-breaking to noe tat our squad become like tat..y must everythin come to tis stage? realli, its jus a post..
does it seriously matter who is oic or aoic? the reason why officers tis yr change to oic and not csm its coz they don c a point to hav anyone bigger than the rest..they wan equality..they even change to departments now..its no longer like previously when everyone has tis job and must listen to csm blah blah blah..its realli about teamwork..working together..it doesn giv any of us any advantage..its jus a position..

it may mean a lot to you and u may feel injustice toward jacelyn or anyone..but have it ever occur to u tat jacelyn is more suitable to lead and be a squad commander..aoic cannot realli hav a chance to lead...all of us noe hu im tokin to and im not offendin anyone here..i jus wan u to tink bout it..pls..don be like tat..y must our squad come to tis..have u all realli forgotten how we got along in sec 1? how we aim to be the best squad, how we wanted mdm cherly and valerie to be proud of us and promised them to be a realli good squad wif teamspirit and nvr backin down, supportin one another? in sec 1, we got along realli well, y must u break tat bond now..it realli hurts me to c that..i don wan our relationship, the bond between us to break..

did u remember wat mdm tx said b4 on tues, she said that wateva decision they made was cinsidered greatly and was chosen by many adult members..she oso told us to help each other..we r not kids anymore, we r gg for anco camp and soon-to-be ncos..we hav to support and help each other thruout tis time we r ncos..

is it worth it to be angry or frustrated or wateva u feel..u still hav to face us for a long time..y make urself miserable and all of us as well, maybe u didn realise, but by doin wat u did, u hurt some people and our squad feelings....pls, tink bout the 2yrs+ we have been together, the push-ups we endured together, the difficulties we faced together..the tears we dropped together when val and cherly left us, when we oni got silver for fac, the hap[piness we had for wateva we done and most importantly, the team spirit..

i hope tat soon we will get bac as we are..im not tryin to criticise anyone or blame anyone..jus tryin to help our relationship, do u intend to ignore us..if u haven by now, leave tis page and instead read my post..i believe and hoped u did tink bout wat i said and our realtionship..let us be a great team of ncos, a team who supports each other no matter what the outcome is..

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

okay guys.this blog is gonna be dead so i'm here to revive it.its been so long since i came here.haha.
well, ANCO is on the 18 to 21st of june.its coming le and i hope that we'll really jia you and put our hearts and minds into the camp and be the best(:
yup, as well as FAC.friday is good friday so i hope everyone will rest well and the next week we can do better in trainings.and jacelyn,please take care of your knee!(:

rhonda is spreading her smiles(:

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